Donna Cunningham Bio


Donna is a Southern Ohio native and has lived there her entire life. Allen Karl signed her to his label in 2011. Century II Records has since named her Head of Artist Development as well as a recording artist. In 2012, she toured Europe and performed 2014 shows in Canada and a kept a foot in the heart of it all, Nashville. She’s now a member of the Midnite Jamboree and the Music City Hayride both based at the legendary Texas Troubadour Theater, Music Valley Drive, Nashville. She also performs frequently on the Dewdrop Jamboree in Murfreesboro, TN. Through the years, she has accumulated several Number 1’s on various charts. Been inducted into The Independent Country Music Hall of Fame and been named Traditional Female Country Music Entertainer of the Year, and several other awards along the way. I’m also a member of the CMA, the Traditional Country Music Assn., the Traditional Country Opry and the Southern Ohio Opry where she earned the title of the First Lady of the Opry. Earlier this year she helped Century II be named 2018 Record Label of the Year. “I am so grateful to the people in the business who have supported and helped me through the years, and to my fans, friends and family. Just love singin’! I could never imagine my life without music.”